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LONGBLOCK ENGINES: up to 3 YEAR unlimited hour nationwide limited warranty.

BASE ENGINES: up to 3 YEAR unlimited hour nationwide limited warranty.

EXTENDED BASE ENGINES: up to 3 YEAR unlimited hour nationwide limited warranty.

COMPLETE DROP-IN READY ENGINES: 1 YEAR unlimited hour nationwide limited warranty.


No Fault Warranty Protection is an optional policy supplemental to the standard limited warranty included with the unit and must be purchased at the time of original sale. "NFW" protection (18 months) is honored regardless of the cause of failure and covers the first time non-manufacturing responsible defect. If required, first time long block replacement is FREE. Simply put, No Fault Warranty is a one time long block replacement engine. When purchased, this warranty protection covers failure scenarios not included in the manufacturers limited warranty. Failures caused from user error, improper installation, overheating, water intrusion, foreign material intrusion, detonation, etc. are all examples of covered failures. Replacement marine engines are a large investment and this warranty protects that investment. Please note: "NFW" protection is offered on select remanufactured engines only. "NFW" does not* include or cover engines which suffer defect from freeze damage, negligence or tampering. Terms and Conditions apply. 

PARTS & ACCESSORIES WARRANTY: Almost every part and accessory that TCM offers includes a manufacturer's warranty. If you purchased a part from us and are having an issue with it, please be sure to contact us at 833-736-6867 or by email at and we will assist you in contacting the manufacturer for a replacement part if necessary. 

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