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Engine Blocks

  • Each cast iron block is magnafluxed for cracks and checked for any visible damage to the block or threaded holes before being repainted to the original color.

  • Five CNC machining centers that are programmed to precise specifications that meet or exceed those established by the OEM for each engine block.

  • After the engine block is bored, decked, and chamfered, each cylinder is honed with the specified cross-hatch pattern. Quality audits are performed to ensure that the cylinder size and finish meets specifications. 100% new pistons, rings and bearings are installed in every engine.

Cylinder Heads

  • Every head is resurfaced and completely inspected for any visible damage or cracks.

  • Valve seats are machined, inspected and replaced, if necessary.

  • Valve guides are inspected with an air gauge and replaced if necessary.

  • The cam bore is checked on overhead cam engines and machined if required.

  • Only new valves, seals and lifters are used in every head.

  • All plugs and fittings are replaced with new pieces to protect against possible coolant leaks.

Connecting Rods

  • Each connecting rod is measured against OEM specifications for bend, twist, and center-to-center length before use.

  • The piston pin bore and bearing bore are measured with air gauges for proper dimensions.

  • New torque to yield rod bolts and nuts are installed.


  • Crankshafts are machined on a fully automated Jucrank CNC crank grinder. This enables us to maintain consistency and critical tolerances for each journal.

  • All oil galley holes are chamfered and brushed after machining and the crankshaft is given a final wash to ensure cleanliness.

  • Each crank is inspected for cracks, bow and all applicable run-out specs for rod and main journals.

Assembly & Distribution

  • Multiple manufacturing & warehouse facilities compromising 750,000 square feet

  • Modern material handling

  • state-of-the-art in house parts reclamation guidelines, processes & cleaning


  • Six CNC horizontal machining centers

  • robotics

  • CNC crank grinder

  • CNC honing


  • IS0-9002, QS-9000, IS0-14000

  • Six sigma

  • Two coordinate measuring machines - the latest in deck & cylinder surface finish measuring equipment

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